NHSS 12 TTM Auditors Course

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This course is for experienced persons involved with the planning, checking, & auditing of temporary traffic management on UK roads. It provides guidance on a structured audit process in line with the National Highway Sector Schemes 12A, 12B, 12C, & 12D.

£297 per delegate
Course duration: 1 day
max group size: 12 Delegates
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To provide candidates with the necessary knowledge and materials to be able to audit live temporary traffic management works accurately & report their findings concisely.

Sector schemes 12A/12B, 12C. & 12D are introduced along with an explanation of how each scheme applies according to the method of temporary traffic management to be employed.

The functional elements of the temporary traffic management process are then examined against the requirements of the appropriate sector scheme and other applicable documents including Codes of Practice.

Requirements common to each sector scheme are first addressed before taking a more detailed look at the different methods of TTM involved & those requirements specific to each.

Candidates are introduced to an extensive range of questions that may be used when auditing TTM suppliers along with techniques and tricks of the trade that can help in obtaining accurate answers to these questions.

Observations made during audits need to be presented in the form of a report with references to applicable requirements. The reporting & presentation of audit observations forms the final part of the course.

Upon completion candidates will be both able and equipped to ask a wide range of requirement based questions covering each functional element of the TTM process & cross reference observations to specific requirements. Key documentation & audit questionnaires for each of the sector schemes along with a full reference document for each each questionnaire are provided on compact disc for each candidate to take away with them.

Candidates will each receive a certificate of attendance upon completion.

All candidates shall leave the course with a set of audit forms, audit report forms,  & a library of traffic management industry legislation, on a standard USB flash drive.

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